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Experts Rolling Releases!

Welcome to the introduction of the Expert’s Rolling Release eBook Editions What is this exactly? Writing a book about something as complex as a modern mirrorless camera takes a long time. But here’s the thing. Quite a bit of the content is actually available well before the book is in publishable form. So, on prompting from many customers, I decided to progressively release the content of some of my books so that owners can  read…

Unboxing Fujifilm’s X-T2 & First Look

Prior to writing the book on Fujifilm’s great, new X-T2, I did a quick unboxing video with a first look around the camera. See the X-T2 alongside my graphite X-T1 for a comparison in size. I do a quick “walk” around the outside of the camera, and dig into the menus – including coverage of the new AF-C custom presets. Click to Watch in Youtube.

Unobvious Things About the Fujifilm X Pro2

Here’s a few things I turned up while writing “The Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X-Pro2”. Click to Watch in Youtube. Oddly, after handling the camera day in, and day out for many months, very little seems unobvious about it. It’s a great camera that is generally quite easy to operate. If you found something that seems unobvious to you, leave me a message.

Personal Pick

Photographer Karin Gottschalk goes on a personal quest to clarify unanswered questions she had about her Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera. What emerged is a solid article digging through one pro-photographer’s quest to discover if this was the perfect camera for her. She tackles it head-on, giving a warts-and-all commentary on the equipment, and how it fits with her breed of picture-making, video making, and post processing. But that ain’t enough! Karin throws in a quick round-up…

Cheap Fast Glass

Can you successfully mate other brands of lenses to a Fujifilm “X” camera? Of course you can. With caveats. Read on…. As it turns out, I have some top quality glass, so I wanted to see whether it was possible to use any of it with my “X” bodies. One of the lenses I have is the superb 70-300mm G lens. It’s ultra-sharp across its range, with SSM focusing. A really great lens with 450mm…

Getting the Best from Fujifilm X with Macro

Getting the Best from Fujifilm X with Macro Marvellous what you find whilst stumbling about. On one-such expedition hoping to discover info on the Raynox-250 close-up filter with Fuji X cameras, I came across In his blog, Ket explains how he uses a Raynox filter on his Fuji 60mm macro lens, AND on his X100S to achieve close-up focus. The Raynox on the 60mm lens provides 1:1 magnification he explains, and greater on longer…

Glowing Painted Portraits

This is a portrait image which I have post processed (pp) to give a glowing, painted portrait look. I hope you like it. Sometimes, when I take an image, I do so with specific post processing in mind. I might think, I’ll do this as black and white, or dramatise the sky, or use this element in some other way. Other times, I capture an image, and when I am examining it, I decide to…