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Fujifilm X-H2s – eBook Coming Soon!

Register your interest! By dropping me a line in the message box below. Please reference X-H2s in your message. I’m back at it. Writing another book on Fujifilm cameras. This time, it’s the X-H2s. I have yet to decide whether to release as an Expert’s Rolling Release as I’ve done in the past for early adopters, or to brave it out to the end and release a fully finished work. Let me know your thoughts…

OM-1 – Crafting a Book

What a camera! In yet another tumultuous year, the OM-1 popped onto the scene, surprising and delighting us – and all the while challenging us to find subjects to shoot as we win our way forward through a strange milieu of truth and fiction. Now what? I mean, we’re photographers, right? We don’t pack our tents and go home when times are tough. Well, if you’ve shot weddings, ya can’t! Right? That’s the whole scene…

Experts Rolling Releases!

Welcome to the introduction of the Expert’s Rolling Release eBook Editions What is this exactly? Writing a book about something as complex as a modern mirrorless camera takes time. But here’s the thing. Quite a bit of the content is actually available well before the book is in publishable form. So, on prompting from many customers, I decided to progressively release the content of some of my books so that owners can  read along as…

Unboxing Fujifilm’s X-T2 & First Look

Prior to writing the book on Fujifilm’s great, new X-T2, I did a quick unboxing video with a first look around the camera. See the X-T2 alongside my graphite X-T1 for a comparison in size. I do a quick “walk” around the outside of the camera, and dig into the menus – including coverage of the new AF-C custom presets. Click to Watch in Youtube.

Unobvious Things About the Fujifilm X Pro2

Here’s a few things I turned up while writing “The Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X-Pro2”. Click to Watch in Youtube. Oddly, after handling the camera day in, and day out for many months, very little seems unobvious about it. It’s a great camera that is generally quite easy to operate. If you found something that seems unobvious to you, leave me a message.

Personal Pick

Photographer Karin Gottschalk goes on a personal quest to clarify unanswered questions she had about her Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera. What emerged is a solid article digging through one pro-photographer’s quest to discover if this was the perfect camera for her. She tackles it head-on, giving a warts-and-all commentary on the equipment, and how it fits with her breed of picture-making, video making, and post processing. But that ain’t enough! Karin throws in a quick round-up…

Cheap Fast Glass

Can you successfully mate other brands of lenses to a Fujifilm “X” camera? Of course you can. With caveats. Read on…. As it turns out, I have some top quality glass, so I wanted to see whether it was possible to use any of it with my “X” bodies. One of the lenses I have is the superb 70-300mm G lens. It’s ultra-sharp across its range, with SSM focusing. A really great lens with 450mm…

Getting the Best from Fujifilm X with Macro

Getting the Best from Fujifilm X with Macro Marvellous what you find whilst stumbling about. On one-such expedition hoping to discover info on the Raynox-250 close-up filter with Fuji X cameras, I came across In his blog, Ket explains how he uses a Raynox filter on his Fuji 60mm macro lens, AND on his X100S to achieve close-up focus. The Raynox on the 60mm lens provides 1:1 magnification he explains, and greater on longer…