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Welcome to the introduction of the

Expert’s Rolling Release eBook Editions

What is this exactly?

Writing a book about something as complex as a modern mirrorless camera takes time. But here’s the thing. Quite a bit of the content is actually available well before the book is in publishable form. So, on prompting from many customers, I decided to progressively release the content of some of my books so that owners can  read along as soon after I’ve written as humanly possible. (No! You cannot look over my shoulder!)

The “rolling release” consists of packaged sections of the book which are delivered to you as soon as they are completed. When the whole book is complete, you get the published eBook in full.

There are two or three “rolling releases” during the development, giving you huge swaths of the eBook to devour each time.

The benefit to you is you get crucial setup info/explanations NOW! With Release 1.

To give you some idea how this works, the first rolling release of the X-H1 book was available (as PDF only), and was a whole 348 page book it its own right. And yet it contained only 6 of the planned 17 chapters with info just on camera settings and setup. The first tranche of the X-T3 rolling release contained 4 chapters, and 280 pages.

The first tranche of the X-T5 rolling release contains 362 pages (IE, half the book).

Experts Rolling Releases are really for people who consider themselves expert enough to read about settings and setup FIRST, without having everything logically laid out  in a whole book.

The downside for me, is that this actually takes more time to do. But since past rolling release have been successful, I’m hoping you might enjoy this method of access to the content.

What else is included?

In the very first Rolling Release, you get to see the whole Table of Contents and Index for the planned final version of the book. (All that other content is already in the manuscript in some form, and being fleshed out daily.)

Hyperlinks for included content work as expected. Hyperlinks for non-included content are obviously not active.

I’ll write to you regularly to update you on what’s going on with the development. When a new section is available in the rolling release (EG: The 2nd release about 4-6 weeks after the first), I’ll blast you off your own personal download link.

Release 1 of the Fujifilm X-T5 book is 362 pages, and included over 400 Tips and Tricks! It includes:

  • Chapters 3, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18 & 19. Most of these ONLY cover the camera’s menus. Plus 2 Appendices
  • Table of Contents shows you what is included, and what’s to come
  • Hyperlinks work – and will take you to any included content
  • Fully indexed – though numbers point to printed numbers on the page

What’s it cost?

Same as the complete book.

What? No discount? No part payment?

Nope. That’s too much paper shuffling, and I’m hoping you don’t want that as much as I don’t.


  • If you trust me enough to participate,
  • If you want  info NOW,
  • If you feel you’re expert enough to get descriptions of menu items and settings before all the other content,
  • Then perhaps the idea of the Experts Rolling Release is right up your alley.