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What a camera!

In yet another tumultuous year, the OM-1 popped onto the scene, surprising and delighting us – and all the while challenging us to find subjects to shoot as we win our way forward through a strange milieu of truth and fiction.

Now what?

I mean, we’re photographers, right? We don’t pack our tents and go home when times are tough. Well, if you’ve shot weddings, ya can’t! Right? That’s the whole scene right there.

And I know from images readers’ send that people have used this “time” to stretch their thinking. To look up, sideways, through, across; and find more to imagine, and more life to capture – and more to step out for.

Because that’s what we do.

.                         Lightpainting with the OM-1. Compx374@1/2 sec = 3 minutes of careful activity with various purpose made tools.

As photographers, we grab snaps – to remember things by; “forensic” images – to show what things were like; and art images – to create mood, feeling, emotion… to evoke a response from those who view. As videographers, we step out, evolving a “story” to draw viewers to another place.

While life has been locked-down, I’ve been locked up, spending months digging through everything the OM-1 does, to create a book, with the aim of demystifying all you can do with it.  I delve into the camera’s features, providing what I hope are clear explanations of what everything is, what it’s for, and how to use it – even the hard stuff. There’s hundreds of tips and tweaks to help you get up to full speed with it and maximize your enjoyment, comfort, and skill with the camera – so that when you’re in the mud shooting, everything feels normal, and you know where to look for THAT feature you NEED right now to make the shot work.

Grab your copy now – only $34.95!

What’s in a Book?

Ever wondered what goes into the making of a book like this?

A lot of time and patience. Careful checking, testing etc.

I’ve had the camera since before release – working with it solidly since then.


Work Station. The whole desk surface raises for sit/stand


I  buy all necessary equipment. Gone are the days companies lend cameras for the time this takes.

This year, and this camera have been particularly hard. Like many, I was ill at the beginning of the year. And that inactivity led to developing a DVT. Also, this camera takes more work than most. Obviously, many changes since the E-M1 series. Not helped by not being able to capture menu screens and demo screens to HDMI. Each screen had to be shot with another camera. (I have a purpose-built rig for that.)

Imagine what it takes to capture the photo shoots you see within these pages. Lots of activity – across a wide diversity of photography.

Normally, I am quite active. You must pay attention to that kind of thing when you are at a desk for long periods. I walk the hills with my large German Shepherd.

I hope you enjoy this book. And, if you will, support me in some way through a referral, or some other way.

I wish you well in your photographic pursuits.