The Complete Guide to Sony’s Alpha 58 SLT Camera

Love your new 20 megapixel wonder, but having a hard time understanding all that it does?  Then this book is for you. 

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In this 475-page full-color ebook you’ll learn: 

  • What every mode, button and function does – in plain, easy-to-understand text.
  • The secrets of taking outstanding photos.
  • Details about the innovative features such as Multi-Frame Noise Reduction, Handheld Twilight, Sweep Panorama, and more!
  • All about the movie mode (and a clear explanation of the alphabet soup that are video formats).
  • The most common digital “jargon” and what it all means to you.
  • A tutorial to get the benefits of shooting RAW.
  • A quick introduction to Sony’s supplied software – Play Memories Home and Image Data Converter.
  • A set of “Cliffs Notes” cards you can print showing the recipies for common shooting situations, and Gary’s Personal Camera Settings.

Get the most out of your investment – Learn about the wonders of digital imaging and improve your photography at the same time!

Click here to see sample pages and a complete Table of Contents before you buy.  

This e-Book will be available in two different formats:

1)  As a bundle of 3 electronic formats: A full-color .pdf file (with the nicest-looking layout 🙂 ), a .mobi file for your kindle, and an .epub file for your Nook or other e-reader.  ONE PRICE GETS YOU ALL THREE DRM-FREE FILES!  Over 475 pages of information, knowledge, and wisdom in multiple formats for ONLY USD $21.45!!!   (Click here to order)

2) For those of you who prefer traditional printed books, this work is also available as a printed and bound book that will be mailed right to your door.  It’s available in both color and Black-and-White from print-on-demand publisher  The color version is a little more expensive than your typical book, but as some readers have reported, significantly cheaper than printing the .pdf file on your inkjet printer.

You’ve already invested in one of the better-engineered cameras out there; for another 2.5% of the price you can have the key which unlocks its secrets.  Get the most out of your investment – and try it risk-free!  (See the bottom of the page for details.)

Publisher’s Guarantee

This book is published by The publisher offers: “Try it risk-free for 2 weeks!” The guarantee states:

“Buy the .pdf format and plow through it for two weeks.  If you don’t think this book offers the clearest explanations, if you didn’t end up learning anything new, or it is not the single best value in terms of dollars-per-knowledge ratio, just send Gary an email and he’ll personally refund your purchase price.  How can you lose?  Gary’s books have introduced thousands of people to the joys of photography in a very intuitive way, and his books have been universally praised for being the best out there for the Sony cameras, which makes this an easy offer to make.  (This offer does NOT apply to the printed version of the book, for obvious reasons.)  ”

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