The Complete Guide to the OM System OM-1


The best help in the world on the OM-1!

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Welcome to The Complete Guide to the OM System OM-1

Tony says:

I wrote this book for YOU!

It seems OM System set out to out-Olympus Olympus with the OM-1. And perhaps they succeeded. It is certainly a great camera – with a lot of Olympus DNA – and something OMS mystically calls the “Dark Horse” factor. Certainly, we have a right to be cautious of a “new” company releasing a loved camera lineage.

But here it is. The same, different, better, faster.

Don’t miss out. Read what others say about Tony’s books in the unsolicited comments below.

If you want to master your OM-1, this book was written for you.

Get it all without days of trawling the web – from an expert who’s written multiple books on this camera lineage. Someone who can spot, and explain the difference – and make clear how everything works. And better yet, how to use it! And all in language meant for humans, with a book structure designed for subject mastery.

It is way more than just a Manual on Steroids… In it, I assume you are a photographer, so I build on that knowledge.

This 470-page full-color book:

* Is packed with over 900 tips and tricks to help you master photography with an OM-1.

* Covers every mode, menu, button, function, switch and socket.

* Covers Lighting – even Manual flash & light modifiers!


* Discover all my camera settings – including why I do it that way.

* Covers every essential of shooting – IE: ISO, Focus, WB, Metering, flash modes – and the more esoteric ones too.

* Understand how and why to customize buttons and menus.

* Read a great treatise to help you master the ins and outs of RAW, and RAW specific shooting.

Grab this book and have at your fingertips 470-pages of full-color OM-1 info, with detailed Table of Contents, Indexing, and extensive hyperlinks. There is no better way to learn how to get the most out of what is arguably one of the best-designed cameras on the planet.  And you can try it risk-free – read on for details!

Download your copy now – only $34.95!

Print books can be purchased here: Colour or B&W.


As a bonus, the author gives everyone who buys his book a PDF copy of “Phone Companion Settings”. This 76-page booklet (valued at $7.95), is for your phone – to take the full OM-1 settings list with you, with EASY explanations for each menu item. It’s hyperlinked, and customers report how valuable they find it to be.

But Wait… There’s also an XLS spreadsheet listing all camera settings with a brief explanation of each, the author’s own recommendations, and space to note your own settings.

BONUSES are ONLY available from the author. Find out how to obtain in the book.


NOTE: This e-book is purchasable in 2 different formats:

1)  Electronic: As a bundle of 3 electronic formats: A full-color .pdf file (with best layout 🙂 ).epub, and .azw3 formats for all of your electronic readers (like the Kindle).  ONE PRICE GETS YOU ALL THREE DRM-FREE FILES!  470 pages of information, knowledge, and wisdom in multiple formats for ONLY USD $34.95!!  (Click here to order)

2)  Printed: For those of you who prefer traditional printed books, this work is also available as a printed and bound book that will be mailed right to your door.

Print on demand books can be purchased here: Colour or B&W.


Tony is an author, photographer, pilot, teacher, lecturer, and lover of classic cars. He has a long-standing passion for photography. To date he has over a dozen published books on photography. Half of them on Fujifilm X cameras and lighting. He is recommended by MirrorLessons as one of 6 Authors of Mirrorless Camera Manuals Whose Books You’ll Actually Enjoy Reading. His book on the X-Pro2 was headlined in Fujifilm’s blog as “The Most Comprehensive Guide on the X-Pro2”. He conducts photographic seminars on the fundamentals of digital photography through to advanced lighting, and is often seen at car shows – either exhibiting, or prowling the display.

Download your copy now – only $34.95!

Print books can be purchased here: Colour or B&W.

What others are saying about this and Tony’s books:

I enjoy your writing style. I find it very conversational. It has been years since I have enjoyed reading a technical book such as this. I can heartily recommend it. Pat W

Your book has been a god send on learning how to best use my camera. Lloyd S

I must say this is a great book, I used it extensively last year when I first got the x pro3, but it’s an ongoing work getting the best from the camera even after 50 years of photography. Phil W

I want to thank you for expending all the time and research necessary to produce a manual as complete and comprehensive as this.  The sheer size seemed pretty forbidding at first.  I thought I would only use it as a reference. But as I began reading (camera by my side) I became consumed, and I’ve nearly completed digesting the book – page by page.  In addition to explaining the many capabilities and functions of the camera, your explanations have filled in some blank spaces that inhibited my own photographic skills.  Your easy-going writing style helps a lot also: it’s like a friend saying: “Hey, check this out.  It’s pretty cool!” Wayne H

I’m convinced you understand the photographic process as well as anyone. John J

Thanks so much!  You’re books and articles are so well done.  I’m learning a lot more than just about a particular camera model, that’s for sure! David S

I appreciate the way you write. I have read many camera books written by guys like Thom Hogan (Nikon) and I find your writing and approach much better! I don’t mean to throw Thom under the bus but some of his books seem like he is just trying to hit 500-600 pages. Your writing contains more value per paragraph (more useful information). The fact that this information is coupled with your experience and “the why” is very helpful. Dave B

I love, love, love your book!  Ann D

I guess what I was trying to say is: you are a talented writer with the ability to make what you write clear and understandable. I was a school administrator for 36 years. I was always trying to find and hire teachers with you skills. I am sure you are an excellent teacher and lecturer. David

Am loving your approach and content in the book! I used the other guy (Darrell Young!) for that – it was helpful but not very engaging! Love the way you explain things with humour etc thrown in! Dr Justin D

This is a fantastic book and a fantastic little camera ! Thank You so much for the bonuses and for Your energy to let us develop what we love the most! Christer E

Thank you for this book. It has really sparked my interest and looks like a great way to improve my photography. Geoff B

Not only do you create the best and most informative photography guides, you also provide great service. Thank you very much for your help. Tony O

The book is great, the tips are excellent and the book is very informative. Steve M

The book is great. The more I use my XT2 the better your book becomes. The camera settings on the phone is a brilliant idea. – Bill D

I read your book from A to Z, I think a second and possibly a third reading is needed cause of all the information, you must be a perfectionist or a monk. Also, I like the way it is written, to the point. –Fdeo


Download your copy now – only $34.95!

Print books can be purchased here: Colour or B&W.


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