The Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X100F

For the best help in the world on the X100F, grab this book!

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The X100F in plain English!

Written for Fujifilm’s outstanding X100F street camera, this is EVERYTHING X100F explained in easy to understand language! It is the Manual on Steroids and much more… Make sure you read what others say about Tony’s books in the unsolicited comments below.

So if you’re uncertain about anything your X100F does, grab this book! It’s packed with clear tutorials and examples, with over 400 tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you master photography with your X100F.  And you can try it risk-free – read on for details!

In this 584-page full-color eBook, you’ll learn: 

* About every mode, menu, button, function, and socket.

* How the new Fujifilm flash system works.

* How to capitalize on a 1/2000th flash sync speed – RHSS.

* All about the EF-X500 and Fujifilm wireless flash.

* Why the OVF is so, so good – and how to have fun with it.

* Over 400 tips, tricks and tweaks.

* Discover all my camera settings – including why I do it that way.

* Understand how and why to customize buttons and menus.

* Fully illuminate all things Lighting – even Manual flash!

* Dig into every essential of shooting – like: ISO, Focus, WB, Metering, flash modes – and the more esoteric ones too.

* Read a great treatise to help you master the ins and outs of RAW.

* Included is a 22 page Condensed Guide to the Basics of modern digital photography.

PDF download includes addendum updating to firmware 2.11

As a bonus (hey! I’m trying to entice you to buy my book!), I give everyone who buys my book a PDF copy of my other eBook “Mastering Flash with Fujifilm X Cameras” – value $9.95 value. Find out how in the book. OFFER EXTENDED INDEFINITELY.

But Wait… There’s also an XLS spreadsheet listing all camera settings with a brief explanation of each, the author’s own recommendations, and space to note your own settings.

NEW BONUS: “Phone Companion Settings”. A convenient, fully hyperlinked 38 page Phone Companion booklet covering all camera settings with EASY explanations for each menu item. you can carry with you in your phone for quick reference.

NOTE: This book is available in 2 different formats:
1)  Electronic: As a bundle of 3 electronic formats: A full-color .pdf file (with the author’s intended layout), a .mobi file for your kindle, and an .epub file for your Nook or other e-reader.  ONE PRICE GETS YOU ALL THREE DRM-FREE FILES!  584 pages of information, knowledge, and wisdom in multiple formats for one low price!!!  Click HERE to order now!

2)  Printed: For those of you who prefer traditional printed books, this work is also available as a printed and bound book that will be mailed right to your door.  It’s available in both color and Black-and-White from print-on-demand publisher  The color version is a little more expensive than your typical book, but as some readers have reported, significantly cheaper than printing the .pdf file on your inkjet printer.

PDF download includes addendum updating to firmware 2.11

What others are saying about this and Tony’s other books:

“Thanks very much. I’ve gotten a bit into the eBook and very much enjoy the writing style and content, especially the tips.” – Jerry Jackson

“Your X-Pro 2 book just arrived and I am loving it. I’m new to Fuji after a decade plus of shooting Nikon DSLR’s. This book is the perfect resource for me. And, I love your writing style too. Feel like you’re sitting down next to me talking about this wonderful camera and how to better understand all its capabilities!” – Russ Stamp

“I’m enjoying the book so far. Love your high level of detail and you have definitely left no stone unturned. This book should come bundled with every X-T2 camera!!!” – Wayne Sorensen

“Your books are a great help. Many thanks! I’m a fan! I have already read your recent interview on the Fujifilm blog btw.” – Dr. Thomas Gamstaetter

“Thank you, Tony. I’vve had a quick look through your spreadsheet and already it’s been more helpful than the manual.” – A/Prof. Peter R. Clyne

“The best and most complete book on the Fuji cameras.” – George Dalsheimer

“At first I’d like to thank you for your book. It’s helping me a lot!!!! There are some amazing tricks so helpful, one that I most like until now is the trick to change ISO quickly (page 134), thank you for that!” – Danilo Siqueira

“Your book is the most informative one of all the Fuji X books or ebooks that I own with lots of tips that I hadn’t been aware of.” – Michael Zapf

“The guide is brilliant, thanks! Very useful indeed.” – Nick Edwards

“First, I would like to congratulate you for this great book you wrote. I am impressed by the level of details. This is a very complete document, that is extremely useful. Well well well done ! I needed this book desperately.” – Fabian Longo

“Thanks, Tony. I’ve been looking at your eBook on the XT2 and liking it a lot! Thanks for doing such a great service for the X community. I will definitely spread the word on your books.” – Bob Fugate

“I am all set now and the more I get into the book it is awesome it sure is giving me a new perspective on my XT-2. All I can say is Wow. Thanks” – Bob Rogers

“I have finished skimming Tony’s book and it was totally worth the investment and time…I so appreciate Tony putting things together and moving on a faster learning curve towards getting the camera mastered and out of the way.”  – David Yeiter

“I owned the x100 for a few years and upgraded to the x100s about 9 months ago.  I was pretty familiar with the camera, and have many years of (amateur photographic) experience, but your Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X100s Camera has expanded my knowledge in many ways.” – Paul Rogers

“As an ebook it’s rather good, written with the more experienced hobbyist in mind and not just a re-write of the manual. For my money it’s better than the other X100S book and is worth a read.”  – Nippa

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Buy a printed copy in Color or Black-and-White


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