The Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X-H2 & X-H2s


For the best help in the world on the X-H2 & XH2s, grab this book!

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Welcome to The Complete Guide To Fujifilm’s X-H2 & X-H2s

The best help in the world on the X-H2 twins!

Written for Fujifilm’s outstanding X-H2 & X-H2s hybrid cameras, this is EVERYTHING X-H2 explained in easy to understand language! It is the Manual on Steroids and much more… In it, I assume you are a photographer, so I don’t dive in to the very basics of photography (except in an Appendix). Everything comes with clear tutorials and examples.

Make sure you read what others say about Tony’s books in the unsolicited comments below.

So if you’re uncertain about anything your X-H2(s) does, grab this book! It’s packed with clear tutorials and examples, with over 900 tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you master photography and videography with your X-H2(s). And you can try it risk-free – read on for details!

This 720-page full-color book:

* Is packed with over a thousand tips and tricks to help you master photography with an X-H2 or X-H2s.

* Covers every mode, menu, button, function, switch and socket.

* All about Fujifilm flashes and wireless flash. Including third-party flashes.

* Covers Lighting – even Manual flash!

* Multiple chapters covering all things video.


* Discover all my camera settings – including why I do it that way.

* Covers every essential of shooting – like: ISO, Focus, WB, Metering, flash modes – and the more esoteric ones too.

* Understand how and why to customize buttons and menus.

* Explains why all glass (Fuji lenses) are not born equal.

* Read a great treatise to help you master the ins and outs of RAW, and RAW specific shooting.

* Included is a Condensed Guide to the Basics of modern digital photography.

Get the most from your investment – Learn about the wonders of digital imaging and improve your creative eye at the same time!

NOTE: This e-book is available in 2 different formats:

1)  Electronic: As a bundle of 3 electronic formats: A full-color .pdf file (with the nicest-looking layout 🙂 ), a .azw3 file for your kindle, and an .epub file for your Nook or other e-reader. ONE PRICE GETS YOU ALL THREE DRM-FREE FILES! 700 pages of information, knowledge, and wisdom in multiple formats for ONLY USD $34.95!!

2)  Printed: For those of you who prefer traditional printed books, this work is also available as a printed and bound book that will be mailed right to your door.

Or, purchase a printed copy in either Color or B&W.


As a bonus, the author (hey! I’m trying to entice you to buy my book!), gives everyone who buys his book a PDF copy of “Phone Companion Settings”. Plus, there are author bonuses. Ed. 1 of my Fujifilm Flash book, and an XLS spreadsheet with all the camera settings with explanations, and a Phone Companion with all the settings and a summary of each. A $19.95 value right there. (Find out how to obtain these bonuses in the book. )


Tony is an author, photographer, pilot, teacher, lecturer, and lover of classic cars. He has a long-standing passion for photography. To date he has over a dozen books on Fujifilm photography, cameras and lighting. He is recommended by MirrorLessons as one of 6 Authors of Mirrorless Camera Manuals Whose Books You’ll Actually Enjoy Reading. His book on the X-Pro2 was headlined in Fujifilm’s blog as “The Most Comprehensive Guide on the X-Pro2”. He conducts photographic seminars on the fundamentals of digital photography through to advanced lighting, and is often seen at car shows – either exhibiting, or prowling the display.


Download your copy now – only $34.95!

Or, purchase a printed copy in either Color or B&W.

What others are saying about this and Tony’s books:

…it is the best of the three books I have bought on the OMD/OM series of cameras.

Thank goodness I don’t have to rely on the manual that came with the camera! Tom

This is an Excellent book! It is easily readable but still gets down to the nitty-gritty on every function. Tony Phillips clearly explains how the function works; how, why, and when you would use it and provides many gee-whiz tips. DustyGeorge

For me, it’s been a pleasure reading your book and trying it on the OM-1, I’ve already learned a lot. Marco

The camera settings on the phone is a brilliant idea. – Bill Dodd

Thanks so much! You’re books and articles are so well done. I’m learning a lot more than just about a particular camera model, that’s for sure! Many compliments to you. – David Slagter

At the risk of sounding ‘cheesy’, I thought Darrell Young did the best camera books until I discovered yours! – Tom Kavanagh

I must say that this is the best camera guide I have ever read, and I’ve been ‘into’ photography since the 1960s – brilliant! – Mike Bridgeman

Your text is really a hugely valuable and rich resource. – Chris

Superb book! I never would have appreciated all the features of the camera otherwise. – Sanford Schane

I commenced reading my copy of your XT3 guide a couple of days ago and I am enjoying it very much. I particularly like the way you write and have laid out the book. Since I purchased my XT3 almost 12 months ago I have been conscious that it has many features that I had not tapped into or understood from reading the owner’s manual. I have been regularly “Googling” help but now with your book that brings everything together in one place I feel that I can progress with less hassle, faster and much further. – Richard

Thanks Tony. I am really enjoying the book and my X-H1. You have a clear humorous writing style, makes for a delightful read. Cheers, Mark Hahnlein

Being a seasoned Nikon photographer now shooting professionally mostly with Sony and Fuji, I found your book to be extremely comprehensive and helpful. – José Bandeira

Thank you so much, this book is incredible detailed. I really need this cause the X100f is so complex, all the options and combinations of options. Really confusing, but while reading your book the camera developed personality.

I read your book from A to Z, I think a second and possibly a third reading is needed cause of all the information, you must be a perfectionist or a monk. Also, I like the way it is written, to the point. -Fdeo

Thanks for producing the Book, without it I would be lost. – Joe Donegan

Thank you for your response and I would like to say how impressed with the quality of your after sales items. The phone companion is first class as are the flash ebook and settings spreadsheet. With so many combinations it is very helpful to have the options explained in a way that makes sense. The Japanese make great cameras but the manuals are difficult to follow. – Thomas Carson Laurie

Hi, Tony. Many thanks for the bonuses you so kindly offered. I took advantage of all of them and also subscribed to your youtube channel. I’ve purchased your comprehensive books for my X-T1, X-T2, and now the X-T3. I’ve come to love my Fuji’s and use them all on a regular basis. I’m a serious amateur nature and wildlife photographer and have been for several decades. Anyhow, my intention here was not to tell my life story but, instead, to briefly explain my interests and experience so you can better appreciate my opinion that your books are unbelievably comprehensive, easy to understand, and rank superior to any other books of their type I’ve ever seen – ever. I find myself reading your books regularly in an effort to retain as much as I can of the great and valuable information they provide. Warm Regards, Mike Flaherty


Download your copy now – only $34.95!

Or, purchase a printed copy in either Color or B&W.


1 review for The Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X-H2 & X-H2s

  1. Barney Saunders

    The Fujifilm X-H2 is an extraordinary camera with, it feels like, almost infinite possibilities. However, getting to grips with the camera is highly non-trivial, despite FujiFilm’s excellent menu system. Tony Phillip’s guide to the Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2s is a game changer in navigating these cameras. The book is structured to introduce you to the camera, its key features, camera configuration, and a quick start guide. Tony shares his favorite settings, which is a good place to start until you make a few tuning changes to suit exactly how you like to take photographs and the types of pictures you take. Going through the first four chapters really helps to get up and running, and provides a foundation for getting into other topics in more depth later in the book. There are chapters on Fuji’s film simulations and how to tweak these, Stills lighting (flash), Video/Movie mode, and Connectivity. Also included are chapters on Digital Imaging Topics and Technical Topics. These are beyond the camera itself, a bonus, and at the same time relevant and take your photography with this camera to the next level. The book is full of images to explain key points and if you read it, will greatly improve your photography. Having read the book, I use mine to dip into as a reference. The very end of this book gives a small insight into what it takes to write such a work, it is non-trivial and a labor of passion for these cameras, and helping people get the best out of them. These FujiFilm cameras are wonderful creative tools; reading and using Tony’s book will help you get a huge amount more out of your camera purchase.

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